Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Birthday...

Yesterday, I turned 41. I find it very hard to believe but the facts don't lie. Physically, Mother Nature confirms it although the mind does not. I remember as a kid I was thinking about the year 2000 and that I would be 33 years old. At the time I thought that was "old." Amazing how time changes one's perspective of things. Now many years on the other side of the year 2000, I wonder where the time goes and that the years seem to go by faster. I imagine most folks think the same thing.

So, where am I at 41? Career wise - I've found a very rewarding job that challenges me mentally and professionally. It took almost 20 years from college graduation but I think I've found what I've always known. I love to work with people and I enjoy the teaching profession. Perhaps it runs in the blood. My maternal grandparents were both public school teachers and my Mom is an Instructor at the University of Texas-Arlington. My aunt and uncle are both teachers. My cousins are both teachers. Hmm, notice the trend?

Personally, I'm at a place in my life that is opposite of what one thinks they will be when they think of their life from the 22-year old perspective. When I was 22, I thought I would follow "tradition", be married with children. Reality, I'm divorced - no children. Am I upset or bitter? Hardly, I've had a great life so far. I've found my "home" in Colorado. In Colorado, I've found my peace in mountaineering. I've made life long friends who share this passion as well. And I've found a wonderful woman that I can talk to, spend time with, and share my life with. K - you're wonderful!

At 22, I loved Jimmy Buffet. He had a song "A Pirate Looks at 40" - hmmm, I'm looking at 41. Aaarr.....

Climb On Friends!

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Alan said...

Happy Birthday Goat! I just hope you are not too old to continue climbing :)