Sunday, December 2, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

Outhiking - an email address I've used for 11 years. When I started the process of creating a blog, I debated about what to name what I hope to be an interesting blog for friends and family. Should I call it "Robert LeClair's Blog" or "Rleclair Blog" or something unique to my life in Colorado. Effective, yes, but somewhat boring. Then I started thinking about personal interests that have introduced me to many good friends and challenged me physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally.

Hiking, for me, began as a child hiking short hikes on family vacations, progressing to hikes under 5 miles in length with the Boy Scouts, to backpacking trips in Yellowstone and Alaska, to hiking 14ers in Colorado and in its current form, training to hike/climb bigger mountains. Hiking in its purist form is a way for me to reconnect with nature and myself. It's as simple as lacing up the boots and heading out the door. A recharge of the batteries if you will.

My hope/plan is to use this blog site as a way for friends and family to connect with me and me with them. I plan to post ramblings, pictures of my climbs, plans for the future, and just about anything that is on my mind. Pretty much what blogs are meant for I guess. If you stumble upon my site, I hope you enjoy it! Now get out there...lace up the boots and start hiking...


Alan said...

Welcome Robert to the Blogasphere! I am sure your writings and excellent photography will educate and entertain all! Just say nice things about me!!


Robert LeClair said...

Big Pappy - thanks for the welcome! I figured this was the best way to share stories/pictures without having to do a ton of site maintenance. I appreciate your website about mountaineering but frankly don't have the time to maintain a website. This should be a kick! And all comments will be nice - trust me... :-)