Thursday, January 3, 2008

Orizaba: Day by Day

Last night, I realized when talking to Mom that very few folks know the full extent of my upcoming trip to Orizaba in Mexico. My flight to Mexico City takes off in 17 days, so come along on a virtual journey...

  • January 20th: Depart Denver, Colorado (5,280') at 8:47 AM to Mexico City via Los Angeles, CA. Arrive in Mexico City (7,340') around 7 PM. Catch the free Holiday Inn shuttle to the Holiday Inn-Plaza Dali and meet Alan Arnette/Patrick Vall/Scott Olmer for dinner and cerveza's.

  • January 21st: Meet Ryan Water and Dave Elmore from Mountain Professionals, LLC and transport gear/people to Tlachichuca, Puebla, Mexico (8,497'). Welcome dinner at a local restaurant.

  • January 22nd: Expedition overview, gear check, and explore local artisan market. Believe it or not but this is part of the acclimization process - having fun!!

  • January 23rd: Transport via 4-wheel drive to the Piedra Grande hut at 13,972. Acclimization hike and return to hut.

  • January 24th: Acclimization hike to high camp; set up tent camp and return to Piedra Grande hut for a good night's sleep.

  • January 25th: Hike to high camp with the remainder of summit gear and attempt to get some sleep.

  • January 26th: SUMMIT DAY to 18,490'! Alpine start (usually 12 AM - 2 AM - depends on guide service) and push for the summit. Pray for good weather!! Return to base camp to break down high camp, hike back down to the Piedra Grande hut for rest of the gear, and jeep back down to Tlachichuca for a celebratory dinner and Cuban cigars!

  • January 27th: Morning transport back to Mexico City to catch flight back to Denver, Colorado feeling exhausted but happy!

That's it friends! If you're interested in more details, you can visit Alan Arnette's website at His site is a wealth of information about climbing in the States and around the world. As part of Alan's 2008 return to Everest, he is raising funds for Alzheimer's research and a cure for this horrid disease. Unfortunately, this disease has hit home as his Mother is suffering from this mind-robbing condition. Please consider making a charitable donation through his website. Climb On!

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