Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pause and Reflect

Today I realized it's been 3 weeks since I returned from Orizaba and longer than I'd like in order to post a new update to the ole blog. Seems like a bit longer due to settling back into normal life of teaching classes for ESRI, a trip south to visit Karen, and skiing at A-Basin. How's the saying go - the only constant is change. True, true...

Folks have asked about the trip details -- I'm planning a "Brown Bag" presentation for coworkers this week to discuss the highlights. Interestingly enough, when I typically finish any trip report, folks tend to ask me what's next. Honestly I haven't thought about it much other than mountains on my 2008 14er list that Patrick, Alan and I will be discussing in the coming months. Too much snow in the high country at the moment to give it any serious thoughts.

But I do have to say that Orizaba presented a wonderful challenge not only in setting a new personal altitude record but also exposing me to just a small bit of international mountain climbing. If this truly translates to bigger mountains around the world, I don't know. Denali in Alaska is of interest but that's yet another level beyond anything I've done so far AND the success rate is abysmal. Killimanjaro is also of interest too - I'd like to see the glaciers on her before they melt. Aconcagua in western Argentina is another that is a strong possiblity as well but due to $$ of these trips realistically only 1 per year - unless I win the lottery! The positive of Orizaba is I geared up with stuff I could use on future trips. Perhaps a trek to base camp at Everest to just to see the monarch of all mountains - still no interest ever in climbing that one...

So what is next for me? Plan to hike with Alan and a "new" climber tomorrow on Longs Peak, have dinner with friends Friday night, plan to volunteer at a 10 mile race next Saturday, climb Mt. Silverheels with Alan and Patrick next Sunday, teach a new class "solo" next Monday, see Karen in 2 weeks, run a 1/2 marathon in May...really just live and enjoy life! As folks know, that means stay busy!

Climb On Friends!