Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Riding in Durango!

Fall has officially arrived according to the calendar but so far we've had a mix of wintry conditions last week in Denver followed by an "Indian Summer" in Durango.  Karen and I met in Durango for the 3rd year to ride the Durango Fall Blaze.  The previous 2 years were moderately lousy conditions - cold, rain, wind in the AM followed by sunny conditions after the ride.  Not this year...except for cold AM's the weather was warm, sunny, no clouds and perfect!

We both drove up to Durango Friday late afternoon and had a great dinner at Carver's Brew Pub & Restaurant - highly recommend this place!  Saturday AM came WWWWAAAAYYYY too early - checked the temps...39 degrees!  Brrr...wearing spandex arms/legs we cycled over to Fort Lewis College for coffee/danish and a cannon start at 8 AM.  This seems to be an "older" ride as the average age of the riders is 50's or so, but overall an active crowd.  The 37 mile ride was the right distance as neither of us had trained especially hard.  We finished around 11:30 AM and grabbed our provided lunch of huge potatoes with the fixin's, free Steamwork brew, and enjoyed the music/sun.  Saturday afternoon was Oktoberfest in downtown and a great dinner at Steamworks.

Sunday AM I had to leave early to catch a 7:30 PM flight for a work assignment in Fort Worth, TX but we did manage to sneak in the best breakfast in town at Carver's (again!) - awesome pancakes.  Teaching this climb October 10-11 on Mt. Meeker!  Climb On!

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