Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year...early!

I trust everyone's Christmas was enjoyable with time for family, Santa Claus, gifts, and time spent with your loved ones.  Karen and I spent the holidays in Colorado - we enjoyed Happy Hour at the Southern Sun Wednesday afternoon to "convince" fellow hop-heads that Karen does in fact exist, completed last minute Christmas shopping on the 24th, wandered around LoDo for a traditional Christmas complete with carolers, a horse drawn carriage and HOT coffee at The Market and then to Breckenridge for snowshoeing, hot tubbing and relaxation.  All in all a nice time!

So 2010 in 4 days.  Am I the only one who can't believe its been 10 years since Y2K?  Seems like yesterday but I know it's not.  So where were you in 2000?  Did you party like its 1999?  Me - I spent the 2000 celebrations at friends home for a little champagne, decorating champagne flutes, watching the ball drop in London, Sydney, Moscow and New York.  The lights didn't go out, the computers kept on crunching numbers, planes kept flying and all was good in the world.

So 2010 in 4 days.  I will be in Albuquerque, NM visiting Karen and the boy for the holiday.  We're not sure how many days or which day we'll have the boy but it will be a bit of Christmas and New Year's all in one.  A mini-bottle of champagne, good wine, good brew, good friends - what more does one need for a New Year's Eve?  As my dad used to say New Year's Eve is "the night for amateurs" - not sure which night is for "professionals!"  I'm staying off the roads that night!

So 2010 in 4 days.  Do you have a list for New Year's resolutions?  Me - don't believe in them.  Plan to keep on running (2 half marathons scheduled), keep on working out at Fitness 19, keep on climbing 14ers (10 new ones planned - 49 out of 53 completed by next years end), keep on teaching for ESRI, and keep on sharing my life with Karen.

So 2010 in 4 days.  Enjoy!  Have fun!  Celebrate!  Live!  And Climb on!

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Ace's Lady said...

No resolutions. I don't believe in them, either. Much love to you, cousin.