Tuesday, January 5, 2010

South Carolina Reunion Tour 2010

A few months ago, U of M graduate/city planner/father of 3 boys/former Greenville-ian Wes Munzel emailed me that he had a hall pass from his wife and was interested in coming out to Colorado to ski for a weekend.  I of course said come on out!

Some backstory for you - many years ago before I moved out to Colorado permanently, I lived in South Carolina for my undergrad/grad school/1st job.  Starting in 1993, my group of friends organized a ski trip to Snowshoe, WV to ski what we thought at the time was difficult terrain.  We did this 2 years in a row and had reasonably good conditions for East Coast skiing.  In 1995, we decided to expand our horizons and fly to Colorado to ski the big mountains of Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, and Aspen as well as Park City, UT.  The yearly groups were in the neighborhood of 6-10 folks usually and a good time was had by all.  Flash forward to 2003 - said group of friends are getting married, having children, and busy with work/life/play.  The ski trips take a hiatus for many years to follow but there was always talk of getting the gang together again.

So this weekend, flights from Ohio, Virginia and points east converge at Denver International Airport to jump into the ole reliable CRV to motor up the mountain to Breckenridge.  Ski rentals are reserved, lift tickets are to be purchased, it's snowing until Thursday PM in Breck and the forecast is for sun and highs in the mid to high 20's - perfection!  We have a condo reserved that has a hot tub I hope!  This will be my first ski trip for 2010 and a good warm up to using my 4-pack at Loveland in the next few months.  Looking forward to catching up with old friends, shreddin' the gnar, having a brew or two for apres ski, and enjoying life.

Climb On!