Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Spook-tacular Snowstorm!

Well as most across the nation have probably heard by now, the Rocky Mountain West has been "buried" by an early winter snowstorm.  I think the last time I've seen this much snow this early in the season was when I first moved to Colorado in 1997.  We had been here only 2 weeks when a similiar storm dropped two feet of snow in Lakewood - unfortunately I was not present for the storm then due to a family emergency.  The storm was well forecasted by the talking heads on TV and arrived Tuesday evening initially as a very cold rain but quickly transitioned over to snow during the evening hours.  I awoke Wednesday morning to about 1' of snow in Westminster and during the course of the day it continued to come down sideways.  The drive home last night was eerily quiet as most schools and businesses closed early - I didn't mind so much.

Thursday AM brought an additional 6-8" of snow and again the drive into work was pretty easy and quiet.  The temperatures during the past week were pretty mild so the road temperatures were not near freezing - made for a quick melt on the asphalt.  Started to wrap up my afternoon around 4:30 PM to join friends in Boulder for Happy Hour when I looked out from my office and saw this rabbit who had hunkered down for the storm and was only now taking a peek out to a wintry landscape.  Thought it was an interesting pic...

Off to ABQ tomorrow to visit Karen and Ethan - it's a birthday weekend!  Karen turns the big 4-0 so much bally-who will be involved as well as bouncy gyms, perhaps putt-putt golf, a trip to the zoo and Trick or Treating!  Should be a blast!  Until next time - ski on!

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